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The Supported Employment (SE) department at REN is an evidenced-based program from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA). It’s proven to work.

We believe employment can add meaning and purpose to anyone’s recovery journey.

Did You Know?

We are the only peer provider using the Supported Employment model.1

 70% of adults with serious mental illness (SMI) desire work2

Why Supported Employment is Special

This is the most extensively studied model of vocational rehabilitation for people with serious mental illnesses. Ample evidence supports its effectiveness.

A recent review of 17 studies involving employment programs showed 58% of consumers in Supported Employment obtained competitive employment compared to 21% in traditional programs.3


To be eligible for this service you must receive SMI services through Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care.

How We Can Help

If you want to work, we will put you to work right away.

We believe all people can work. We will do everything we can to support you. We are peers helping peers; therefore, we understand that going to work can be scary. We provide one-on-one support through an Employment Specialist.

We provide help with DB101 and benefits advising, so you can feel confident about going back to work. We will help you find work and provide support while you are working. We will also work with you and your clinical team to support you in achieving your goals for employment.

No one is excluded from participating.

Employment specialist closely coordinate with other rehabilitation and clinical treatment practitioners, creating a comprehensive treatment program.

Employment specialist help people find jobs in the open labor market that pay at least minimum wage and that anyone could have, regardless of their disability status.

Employment specialist help people understand how benefits (such as Social Security or Medicaid) are affected by working. Most people are able to work and continue to receive some benefits.

Employment specialist help people look for jobs soon after they enter the program.

Once a job is found, employment specialists provide ongoing support, as needed.

Choices about work are based on a person’s preferences, strengths, and experiences.

Ready for Work?

For more information, call REN at 602-248-0368 and ask for Employment Specialist Michelle Frantom.

1 Source: AHCCCS website, Arnold vs. Sarn settlement.   2 Mueser et al., 2001; Rogers et al., 2001.   3 Bond et al., 2001