Hope’s Door

Hope’s Door

Hope’s Door is a peer-run program operated by the Recovery Empowerment Network. In this program, people who may be headed for a crisis can take a look at their circumstances, make a plan to stay safe and out of crisis, and learn ways to achieve whole-person wellness.

Through Hope’s Door, we promise that you will share in all decisions about your wellness. You will be treated with dignity at all times. Your knowledge about yourself will be respected and honored. You will learn to think about crisis in a new way. You will leave with a plan to change your life.

Hope’s Door is based on the principles or personal responsibility, shared risk, wholeness and wellness.

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Learning & Wellness

Learning & Wellness

REN and its Members recognize that achieving wellness requires a holistic approach, one that sees each person as the sum of many unique attributes. With this in mind, we expanded our programs to include classes that also encompass Members’ physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

Once a week each Empowerment Center offers:

  • T’ai Chi – A Chinese form of exercise that uses slow, smooth movements to create a sense of relaxation and meditation; it is also believed to improve both the cardiovascular and immune systems.
  • Mindful Meditation – A form of meditation that helps the participant focus on thoughts and actions, while suspending judgment. By doing so, they can work towards reducing stress, improving moods and even boost their immune system.

Community Treasures

Community Treasures

REN is a proud sponsor of Community Treasures, a community-based program linking needs with resources such as clothing and furniture. It fosters the belief that helping people builds a stronger community.

Community Treasures is a free service to anyone in Maricopa County. In addition Community Treasures sends out a weekly email blast with announcements, job opportunities, events, donations and needs.

How it Works

Community Treasures team partners are able to:

  • Send a message via our Exchange network requesting assistance for an identified need
  • Donate physical items and resources to meet the needs of others
  • Share important announcements and list community events
  • Becoming a team partner is easy! If you want to help people in Maricopa County and are willing to ask for or share resources, please request an account now.

To register or for questions, contact Dora Brown at or (602) 388-7253.

Recovery in Action

Recovery in Action

Working toward wellness means choosing to stay active and growing in empowerment. With a wide variety of daily, monthly and quarterly activities, REN’s Recovery in Action program is a big hit with Members.

Members: You may sign up with the Health & Wellness team by circling the dates of the outings you wish to attend and turning a calendar into a REN staff member. Or, to sign up via phone, simply call (602) 248-0368, extension #2050. Leave your name, phone number and the outing(s) you wish to attend on the voicemail.

Important notes: Participation in Recovery in Action activities requires 24-hour notice. Some events may have an attendance cap and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

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Supported Volunteering

Supported Volunteering

Is Supported Volunteering Right for Me?

Do you want to learn new skills and increase your confidence, while helping others? Are you looking for ways to transition into employment but need to improve your resume?

As A Supported Volunteer, you will have the chance to do meaningful work and enriching activities with others in your community. REN’s program is tailored to your needs, from fostering greater self-esteem to overcoming employment barriers with marketable skills.

You could have the opportunity to serve in the areas of social services, animal welfare, community centers, shelters, food banks or environmental organizations. You will work closely with a Volunteer Coach in the community for a 12-week period to complete a variety of tasks and achieve key goals

To Become A Supported Volunteer, you must obtain Title 19 & Non-Title 19 services through the Regional Behavioral Health Authority and become a REN Member.

For additional information, contact David Dewey or Anthony Guzman for details.

(602) 248-0368

Transportation Support

Transportation Support

Getting to and from appointments can be one of the largest barriers to receiving supportive services. One of the added benefits of becoming a REN Member is access to our Transportation services. Our shuttle helps reduce the cost of transportation for the state and clinics, and is far more economical than a taxi. In addition, reliable transportation increases our Members’ ability to attend appointments, participate in activities and connect with our supportive community.

Members: Contact the Transportation Hotline at (602) 753-7183 and follow the instructions in the greeting.

Member Activities

Member Activities

Discover the activities, classes and happenings REN offers to Members and the Community. Simply click the Empowerment Center nearest you for a list of upcoming events:


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Recovery Support Training

Recovery Support Training

Recovery Support Training (RST) prepares you to provide peer support to individuals receiving services in Arizona’s public behavioral health system. The training will help you transform your life experiences into a uniquely individual service that only you can offer.

There are only two requirements to participate in RST:

  1. Must have personal experience with recovery from behavioral health symptoms, substance use or both. Sharing your personal experience is one of the foundations of this support work.
  2. Must have hope and a passion to assist others in their journey to wellness. There are no predictors of who can recover, so support for each person can make a difference.

Costs and Financial Aid

RST is designed for people receiving services from the public Serious Mental Illness (SMI) system in Arizona. Please contact us to help you qualify for this specific service.

If you receive limited services or were denied services from the public behavioral health system in Arizona, we have ways to help. REN also offers a fee-for-service option, which includes private insurance, VA, GMH/SA and other methods.

Class Overview

This class meets the current requirements for certification as a recovery support worker in the State of Arizona. However, completion of this training is not a guarantee for employment at REN or at any other agency.

A high school diploma or GED is a federal and state requirement to provide peer support work. Spanish and/or public speaking experience is a plus.

Participants are allowed to miss one day or five hours total of this three-part training, no exceptions.

Part 1

Classroom portion is dedicated to the review of the RST workbook, class projects, personal stories and section reviews. 12 class days total from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Part 2

Upon successful completion of the class, participants are required to complete an unpaid internship where they will have the chance to practice their peer support principals and skills. 5-week internship provided at one of REN’s Empowerment Centers and 10 hours internship supervision at 212.

Part 3

Upon successful completion of both the internship and internship supervision, participants are afforded the opportunity to join a study group and take the Arizona State Peer Support/Recovery Support Specialist Certification Exam. Upon successful completion of both the internship and internship supervision, participants are afforded the opportunity to join a study group and take the Arizona State Peer Support/Recovery Support Specialist Certification Exam.

To register: For intake or details, please contact Member Services at (602) 248-0368.

Partners: If you are a provider in Arizona and would like your staff to get certified via one of our centrally located onsite classes, please contact us for details. This will then enable you to bill for the services that those certified employees provide. In addition, we are happy to provide New Member Packets to help refer your clients to REN.