Any person over the age of 18 who receives SMI Services through Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care may become a REN Member by filling out a REN Referral Form and turning it in to REN Membership Services. Another option is to partner with a Case Manager or Rehab Specialist at a PNO Clinic and have them submit the form to REN Membership Services. Once the referral is received and our Membership Services team will obtain all the necessary documentation from the PNO Clinic, we will call the Member to schedule a Membership Activation appointment and a tour.
Hope’s Door provides multiple points of entry for people desiring 1 on 1 Recovery Coach services. However, Case Managers typically provide the referrals to REN for the Hope’s Door program because they become the point of contact for REN’s partnership with a Member’s clinical team at the PNO. People who are already REN Members may self-refer to the program as well. In addition, any behavioral health direct service staff can partner with a Member to self-refer to REN for Hope’s Door program. Our Membership Services Team works with staff at the PNO Clinics on any self-referrals to process them and connect the Member to the services they need.
Arizona State Hospitals may include, as part of recommended discharge treatment, a suggestion that the person receive Peer Support Services for Psych/Social Rehab from REN. They may also choose to assist the person with the self-referral process by helping them fill out a REN Referral Form and faxing or scanning it to REN’s Membership Services Team. As long as the PNO Clinic is identified on the form, REN will then follow up with the Clinical Team for the documentation required for REN Membership.
The list of Provider Network Organizations who can refer to REN can be found on the Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care website.
REN is a Community Service Agency that operates under all public policy requirements to maintain our license for service to the Members who depend on us.
Yes. REN is a contracted provider of behavioral health services for Mercy Maricopa Integrate Care, the Regional Behavioral Health Authority for Maricopa County, who holds the contract with Arizona Department of Behavioral Health Services to manage the behavioral health needs of the citizens of Maricopa County.
One of the functions of REN’s Hope’s Door is as a proactive crisis diversion program. Members who utilize this service learn valuable coping skills to focus on positive forward momentum through setting goals and feeling the success of personal achievement. Participants in this program are less likely to slip into a crisis that leads to hospitalization.
Donated funds go directly into REN’s operational budget to be used for the benefit of the people we serve. Donors may request that the funds be used for specific programs if they choose.